Learning Center

History of the Learning Centre

Following the introduction of the “reformed medical course” at the Charité, the “Trainingszentrum für ärztliche Fertigkeiten” (TÄF, training centre for medical skills) was founded in October 1999. It was inspired by similar institutions at reformed medical faculties all over the world. It was first of its kind in Germany.

The first head of the learning centre, Dr. med. Kai Schnabel, was also one of the initiators of the annual Opens external link in current windowGerman skills lab Conference. In 2009 he moved to Bern in Switzerland to take up the position of head of the Opens external link in current windowAbteilung für Unterricht und Medien (department for teaching and media) at the medical university in Bern.

In 2011 the TÄF became an independent part of the department for curriculum management. At the beginning of January 2012, the TÄF and other institutions were merged to become the learning centre.