Learning Center

Room booking for external visitors:



Altogether three locations at the Campus Charité Mitte have a number of rooms for various possible uses.

All in all the learning centre has more than 20 seminar rooms and 60 small group rooms, accommodating from 10 to 50 people. In order to deal with as many different needs as possible the rooms are equipped with examination tables, flipcharts, projectors and many different materials for visualization. Furthermore each room contains a computer, which is connected to the internet as well as the Charité network.

Additionally we have 46 laptops for literature research courses or other computer based courses at our Virchowweg 5 premises. Here there is also a student administered computer room (Opens external link in current windowCipom) offering students and lecturers the facilities for research and printing out of documents.

We feel certain that our resources and organization will provide you with the perfect environment for interactive learning as well as conferences and vocational medical training.

Room reservation

Rooms can either be booked personally, via telephone (450 576132 or 450 576 405) or via email.

Room booking for external visitors:

Resources and rooms may under certain circumstances be used by non-Charité personnel. Please contact us via Email.